Who Else is there ? (Weblinks)

Chaplain Worf has many respectable friends on the inter-webs whom he would recommend to those who are interested in confessional Lutheran teaching via written blogs, podcasts, and videos.  Some are very ‘animated’, some are kind pastoral, some are more academic than others, and some are rather sarcastic.  Hey, we each have our G0d-given strengths and each have our sinner-selves as well.  Have a look….

Worldview Everlasting [WEtv]    (Rev. Jonathan Fisk, et al)

Higher Things [Catechism]     (Rev. Mark Buetow)

Just and Sinner   (Rev. Jordan Cooper)

Worldwide Wolfmueller    (Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller)

(this list is just getting started – 01 Oct 2016)