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The Introit

Posted: 24 November 2018 in Uncategorized

The Introit is something which is currently absent from our liturgy at Shepherd of the Valley.  This Psalm had been placed in the service by the church for a very specific reason.

The chancel (the altar area behind the communion rail) is a place of special reverence in the Christian church and even in the synagogue centuries before our Lord was born.  In the synagogue, this area was in recognition of where the Holy-of-Holies would have been and thus was only entered by the priest and the teaching rabbi.  The same can be said for the Christian church chancel.  Thus it is a place of special reverence.

Historically, the priest/pastor leading the worship would not enter the chancel until after the confession had been offered.  The pastor would then ascend the steps into the chancel and pronounce the Absolution to the penitent from the ‘place of God’ before the altar.

After the Absolution, the Introit would be sung by the pastor, or the choir.  Since the Reformation it is not uncommon to be a responsive reading or singing with the congregation.  During this time, those who will serve in the chancel approach or face the altar, give reverence, and then move to where they will sit after the Collect is prayed.  This is, of course, with the exception of the pastor who is conducting the worship.  The Introit (from the Latin introitus, meaning ‘entrance’) allows for this movement of the pastor(s) with no awkward silences in the flow of the worship service.

During the times we worship using the historic liturgy, the Introit is included instead of the ‘Psalm of the Day’ in the readings.  The Introit is normally a portion of Psalm, followed by the entire congregation pronouncing the ‘Gloria Patri’ which we recently began saying after the Psalm each Sunday.

Glory be to the Father,

and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

As it was in the beginning, is now,

and will be forever. Amen.

Immediately after the Gloria Patri, the ‘Antiphon’ is repeated by the leader.  The Antiphon is typically the first verse of the Psalm just read which also summarizes the theme of the day.

Thus far, the liturgy has recognized that everything is done in the names of our Triune God, then the worshippers have confessed their sin before God and heard His precious gift of forgiveness.  After this the worship servants have moved into their respective places in the chancel while everyone offers their praise in the form of a Psalm from Holy Scripture.

Each step of the liturgy has a function.  As we progress through the description of the liturgy, one will see that many of these steps have historical and practical reason for their arrangement.  Not least is that it connects us to the worship of God since very ancient times.  Sola Deo Gloria

Pastor Storrs  †


Noob !

Posted: 1 February 2011 in Uncategorized

New to the ‘blog’ environment, but I have been speaking the Good News of Jesus Christ to those around me for a while now.  As Chaplain to a bunch of US Military (active, veteran & retired) folk who enjoy playing on-line First Person Shooter (FPS) and military strategy games, it was suggested that I begin posting sermons and theological musings….thus here is ‘the beginning’ of that.

They will come slowly, just be patient.

Chaplain ‘Worf’ *

*Worf, Worf317 has been my screen name since Battlefield2.  I have also been active in Call of Duty3, Call of Duty’5′, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and currently Medal of Honor (2010).  Although I was active in TWL league play in COD3, that has not picked up for MOH in my group.

Glory be to God Alone.