Greetings to visitors and friends who attend the Combat Chapel.

I am known as Chaplain Worf* (COC_Worf).  I am a soul pastor of a Lutheran Congregation in the Sacramento Valley of California.  As a retired US Navy Chief who holds a BS in Computer Science, and over 20+ yrs in computer systems analysis & architecture when my family and I entered seminary, we traveled around the mid-west and I ultimately received a Divinity Masters.

I am chaplain to an on-line first person shooter (FPS) gaming group where I serve my Lord through them and through those  who happen across my various i-net postings regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ who paid the price for the sins of the World with His very body and blood.   My heart is in parish ministry, yet the virtual ministry where my Lord uses me has demonstrated that there is a need for speaking the Gospel to ALL people.  Even those who we don’t meet in the flesh.

The Combat Chapel is the repository of my musings and the sermons which I have written and delivered.  Most are audio and video recordings, yet some may only be posted as text.

Peace to you amidst the combat of daily life.  Feel free to spend as much time as you desire in the pew of the Combat Chapel.

Soli Deo Gloria**

* Worf, Worf317 has been my screen name since Battlefield2.  I have also been active in Call of Duty3, Call of Duty5, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor (2010).  Although I was active in TWL league play in COD3, that has not picked up since the COD franchise stopped allowing for player-selected server selection.  Our group, made up of US military active duty, veteran, and retired individuals has recently been playing apocolypse-survival (Miscreate), and battle royale (PUBG) style PC video gaming, but as individuals we play virtually all game genres and platforms.

** Soli Deo Gloria – latin for “To God alone be the Glory”


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